Here are our top tips for creating a comfortable and functional home office

With restrictions still in play there has never been a more relevant time to make your own home office space.





Create a space just for you

Carve out a space for yourself. If you don't have a spare room or an obvious area that can be converted into an office, no problem.

You can create your own space by putting in a wall or by switching existing spaces up a little. An unused built-in wardrobe or a junk-filled space under the stairs might work.

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A dedicated office space at home gives you privacy and allows you to focus, thus boosting work productivity.

Garage Conv

Have you ever considered converting your garage into the perfect home office or a liveable room?

Converting your garage into an office space or an extra living area will add value to your home.

It will also free up a large space for you to have either a banging office/retreat, or allow you to move an existing room into the garage to make way for an office inside. We're not talking about a slap-dash solution, we're talking about an additional, beautifully finished room of your home that you'll want to spend time in.

The team at Smith & Sons can help you design, plan and construct your dream working environment.

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Ambience 2


Consider the room's ambience to optimise focus

Spend time planning the colour palette in your home office, make it light and bright.

Consider how natural light will affect the room. Make sure that your screen doesn't receive direct sunlight but that you can actually tell what time of day it is outside.

The space should be well lit throughout with task lighting for the desk.

Throw up a cork board for your big ideas and some visual stimulation.

Choose soothing interior decor that isn't distracting, this will help keep you motivated and in a good head space for work.


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