This humble country home in Lake Country received a welcome kitchen update as well as new baseboard throughout the entire residence. This is the second job by Smith & Sons completed for the client after such success with the first one! 

To complete this kitchen remodel, all the cabinets were removed, gutted down to bare studs and a dropped ceiling was removed in the kitchen to allow for taller cabinets. Scott Gammack (business owner) worked very closely with the clients throughout this process to achieve a kitchen they could love forever. 

A special order farmers sink was installed (under mount) to maintain the 'country feel', as well, quartz countertops were installed to give the kitchen a genuine and timeless look and practicality. After the countertops were done, Smith & Son Vernon South installed a tile backslash and added all the final touches! To help the client out further, the team also reinforced some existing cabinetry as it was bowing due to the weight of what sat there.

While issues do sometimes naturally occur during remodels, Smith & Sons Vernon South are always there to ensure that ‘project stress’ does not become YOUR stress. In this instance Scott was able to manage and deal with anything that came along, including timing and supply issues with third parties (the kitchen designer and cabinet company selected by the client). Being able to creatively navigate around issues meant the project continued to run smoothly with no excessive delays or impact on the budget.

Everything the clients wanted for their kitchen was achieved and here's what they had to say – "My husband and I hired Scott Gammack of Smith & Sons Vernon South as our general contractor for our kitchen renovation of 2 months duration and with its challenges.  Scott was excellent in every way, knowledge, work ethics, communication skills, reliability, application, courtesy. We recommend him highly.  It was a privilege and a excellent experience renovating our kitchen with Scott." - Francine. W



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