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Our favorite part of a kitchen remodel, bathroom revamp, full home remodel or custom home is seeing the finished product of a job well done! To create something new and special, and knowing that someone can really love their home now is a great feeling, obviously!

Nothing can replace the look on our clients' faces when they open the door for the first time and see their newly remodeled home, or seeing kids run around and explore a big new exciting space! These are the moments that make our job so worthwhile!


Testimonials from Our Clients

Dan (GM) and Sandi (Owner)

Smith & Sons did a remarkable job...

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Francine W.

My husband and I hired Scott Gammack of Smith & Sons as our general contractor for our kitchen renovation of 2 months duration and with its challenges.  Scott was excellent in every way, knowledge, work ethics, communication skills, reliability, application, courtesy. We recommend him highly.  It was a privilege and a excellent experience renovating our kitchen with Scott.

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Brent W.

Smith & Sons built a garage extension for me as well as replacing the siding on the existing garage & shed. They did a very good job & were very professional. Unfortunately they did SUCH a good job my wife wants them to do some work on the house! 

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Stacey Robertson

Smith & Sons were our general contractor when we renovated our Montessori School at 2001 45th Avenue, Vernon B.C. in the summer of 2016. We found that under a shortened time frame and a capped budget, they were able to construct and complete the project in a timely fashion. Prior to implementing the work, Smith & Sons prepared a cost analysis and budget. In addition to the project planning their carpentry skills and management of the other trades was efficient and cost effective.  - Stacey Robertson, Director Harwood Montessori School.

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Sandi H.

Smith & Sons were called in to complete a couple of challenging renovation projects at Klub Kal. The first task was to design and build a sound barrier around a hydro transformer kiosk. I was so satisfied with this job that I brought Smith & Sons back to take his best shot at another design and construction challenge. My next requests were to complete a few finishing touches at my lakeside cabin, as well as complete an unfinished, rustic outdoor bathroom. Smith & Sons approached the partially completed bathroom with a creative mind and was able to bring my vision to reality. The jobs were completed on time, on budget, with quality workmanship and all the while maintaining the creative design intent. The renovation projects were finished beyond my expectations. Smith & Sons were great to work with and I would recommend them for construction jobs in the future.

Sandi. Owner & Operator, Klub Kalamalka Oyama, B.C.

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Roy Stephens

I am very pleased to commend Smith & Sons to your organization. Smith & Sons were recommended to me by a fellow contractor when my current project ( a half million dollar small custom home) had difficulties during my absence. Smith & Sons soon proved their mettle and had the issues expeditiously itemized, organized, and planned to fruition in an efficient, business-like, and economical manner.

Max is a consummate tradesman and project manager with an uncanny attention to
detail who has always met his deliverables within the time and budget agreed upon.
Furthermore, there are no surprises. Smith & Sons has been forthright, honest, and professional in all our dealings.
I have been extremely pleased with Smith & Sons punctuality, honesty, and
workmanship, and will continue to use their services on this and future projects.
As such I have no doubt that your organization would be well served to engage Smith & Son on any project.

- H. Roy Stephens, President Stephens Consulting.

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Matt Glen

My wife and I wanted to totally remodel our home. We were having a really hard time trying to found out what we wanted and what we could afford with our money. We had multiple contractors over to discuss what we wanted to undertake and got answers and proposals all over the map. We had quotes from $10,000 to $200,000 for the same project. It was actually kind of comical and extremely hard to process. I was ready to sell our house and move on. Then along came Max. He was over at our house for a consultation within a few days of our first phone call, had a general idea of what we could get and the right idea of how to do it. My wife is a teacher and has a really hard time getting time off work, so he would come over in the evenings, listen to what we wanted, give us great feedback and ideas right there and we decided on a general plan of how to go forward. He had his architect draw plans, (significantly cheaper than quotes I had myself for an architect) then make changes to what we wanted when we saw it drawn up. Max then arranged getting our home surveyed and off we went to the city to get our permit. Around the same time he had a business trip planned and had to leave town. (I knew about this well in advance). I emailed him almost everyday asking questions and he was always extremely quick to get back to me. During his trip my wife and I had a total change of heart of how much of a project we wanted to take on and wanted to scale back the renovation significantly. I sent off an email and received a response almost immediately telling us all was ok and what to do going forward. When he returned from his trip he called me and we chatted for quite a while about what we should do. He listened to me and had great advice about what part of our project would be the best for our lifestyle and getting the most value out of our home. He told us not to worry about the addition we had planned because of the price, potential issues, and what kind of value we would actually get out of that major investment. It was really refreshing for him to tell me the truth (even tho he is basically taking work and money right out of his own pocket) and let me know the facts and his opinion. So now, thats what we are doing, we are going to concentrate the Reno to the interior (Kitchen, Bathroom, floors, etc.) to get us the best product for ourselves, our personal lifestyle and our property value. I Really cannot say enough about my experience with Max, so far, (especially compared to all the other contractors I have met) and will definitely be hiring him and recommending him for any project I do now or do in the future. He really is in this business because he loves it and not because he wants your money. He proved that to me and I am sure he has/will prove that to many other home owners as well.

Matt Glen


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Mike Nohr

I called numerous contractors within the Okanagan Valley trying to find a company that would take on my small project of reinforcing my patio.  The majority of companies didn’t even bother to return my call, whereas Smith & Sons not only returned my call but Scott came out the same weekend to assess my job and give me a quote.  I promptly gave them the job which they completed in a day the following week and under budget!  Really appreciate the great communication and professionalism.  I’m already in talks to use them again on my next job.

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Testimonials from Other Offices

Cheryl Ellwood

"Every part of the process has exceeded my expectations, I cant imagine having a different contractor in here to do the job"- Cheryl Ellwood

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