There’s no doubt that home renovations can be a stressful endeavor. A seemingly simple home renovation entails a little project management, budgeting, managing people and schedules. We’re here to take the stress out of your renovation! From your home design ideas to the project management and then the final finishes to your bright and newly renovated home. By engaging your professional and local general contractors who have extensive experience in home renovations, you can significantly reduce your stress and risk of issues arising that could impact your lifestyle and your family.

The difference: By engaging a Smith & Sons Remodeling Experts, you’ll be getting all of our knowledge, experience, efficiency in planning and expert craftsmanship. Our teams of general contractors have completed countless renovations, so you can bet we’ll bring all of our best and most valuable knowledge and expertise to your renovation project. Though your home is a unique living environment, any issues that could arise have generally been experienced by our general contractors before, and handled with competence, practicality and a ‘cool’ attitude.

If it’s something they’ve never encountered, a quick call to another Smith & Sons general contractor in another area will more often that not provide the answer and the issue will be resolved. There’s always power in a team!



Our Builders

Your family matters to us! So how a home renovation can affect you and your family is of utmost importance to us. The essential reason that Smith & Sons can relate to this so well is that the Smith & Sons team is a family, and every general contractor works in his own family business.

We specifically look for General Contractors who have a family, to join the team at Smith & Sons (or are about to start a family – which is often the case!). We realize the value in family and that only a family person can relate to the joys (and stresses) of family life. We recognize that family life can sometimes come under pressure during a home renovation and our builders relate to that; willing to do their utmost to alleviate any untoward circumstances that may affect the family home life and its functionality.

Not only that – with families comes a flexibility and understanding that not everything goes to plan – sometimes life gets in the way and our contractors have a real knack for dealing with any interruptions that might come along; with a cool head, and a compassionate hand. We are here to see your family not only get through the renovation process, but enjoy it!