If there is one room in the house that has come a long way in the last few years it is the much-loved bathroom, and the transformation has been huge! The bathroom used to consist of an outhouse in the garden, a glorified shed, and a tin bath in front of the fire. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then and the bathroom is now a valued room in the home; and not just by the people living in it. Now, bathrooms are at the pinnacle of style and innovation boasting gorgeous looks and luxury that people would have only dreamed of all those years ago!

The bathroom is the place to relax and find your peace. It’s where you head for a long, hot bubble bath and it’s the place you can pamper yourself outside of a spa. We do what we can to make the most of the downtime that we get – life is busy, and downtime is a necessity, it’s just scarce. People around the world are investing in their bathroom renovations with relaxation in the forefront of their minds and house value in the back of it. It’s not just the family bathroom that gets changed, either. So many people are loving the luxury hotel feel by installing en-suite bathrooms into their homes as an added extravagance, or, just because they need one!

Embarking on a bathroom renovation is sometimes one of necessity, and other times just because it needs a revamp for a little more style. As with kitchens, because bathrooms are a wet area, water ingress can be a real problem and is the major cause of issues if left unchecked for too long. Grout and sealant get old and leak and before too long, lumber swells and can pop tiles, rust screws, make its way into cabinets, and then it’s all downhill from there. Keeping on top of potential water ingress areas can save a lot of heartaches down the track.

Or, it could just be that you have had enough of your current bathroom, and you need that renovation just so you can come home and actually relax in your bathroom without looking at everything wishing you could change it! There really is no nicer feeling than to be able to spend either end of the day; getting ready in the morning or settling into your night-time routine in a relaxing bathroom that you simply love to be in. There is a myriad of design styles and options around bathroom design, bathtubs, shower screens, tiles, tap-ware, vanities, basins, and more. There is no doubt you will be able to find something you absolutely love. For a plethora of ideas around bathroom renovations, take a look at our bathroom Gallery.

One of the almost forgotten rooms in the house is the laundry but it certainly is a critical space to get working right, especially in the storage department. In fact, a well set up laundry can make life a lot easier by being a great ‘processing’ room for the washing, and avoiding the dreaded ‘Mt Washmore’ that tends to gather up if not dealt with! A good laundry should have plenty of room for storage, some bench space, and a good ‘flow’ through the room. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a fairly small space and sometimes a second pair of eyes is great to give you some new ideas on how it can all work.

A laundry renovation is often done at the same time as a bathroom renovation as many times the family bathroom getting renovated is very close to the laundry, and clients are wanting both to match and to work together. Also sometimes both rooms can be reconfigured to make better use of the space in each room. Either way, whether a stand-alone laundry renovation or as part of a bathroom renovation, revamping your laundry can deliver a raft of benefits.

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