And, not only will these features serve you and your family and friends for many years to come, a functional and stylish outdoor area is one thing that is often on a buyer’s hotlist so they can enjoy their new home as well. Adding a deck or an outdoor entertaining area, or renovating your current deck or outdoor entertaining area is a sure-fire way to add significant value in your home, in fact, it is up there in adding value to homes as is a renovated bathroom or kitchen. And, you don’t have to go overboard, but a neat and functional outdoor entertaining area that flows seamlessly with the current home adds a lot of potential value.

Here are a few different outdoor entertaining area options:

  1. A DeckOne of the simplest and most effective ways to begin to bring the outside in is the time-honoured strategy of adding a deck or a patio to the home. This creates in effect a ‘cross-over’ zone where inside meets outside in a smooth uncluttered transition, allowing the homeowner to cross simply from the ‘inside world’ to the ‘outside world’. No longer the humble tin roof bolted onto the side of homes, patios have developed into major structures that hold underneath beautiful furniture, outdoor entertainment such as pool tables and table tennis tables, to BBQs and bespoke outdoor kitchens. You could almost live on many patios that are made in modern homes, and indeed many families almost do in the warmer months. In the same vein, decks have developed with a fantastic range of softwood, hardwood, and modular wood construction that gives strength and durability like never before. Architects and designers are pushing the boundaries with decks becoming one of the major design features of a house, and homeowners and families alike enjoying not only the aesthetic aspect of a deck but the health benefits of just being outside in the fresh air.
  2. Outdoor Shelters or Flyover Roofs The next natural progression from adding a deck is some form of shelter on top of the deck, for two reasons – shade and protection from the elements. The most simple of these is a ‘shade sail’ which is often made out of canvas or a netting type material which is stretched over the deck or entertaining area. These can provide a good level of shade cover but in many instances are not actually waterproof which really limits the time you can spend on your deck, especially in more rain-fall prone areas. The next step up from here is a roofing system of some kind whether it be steel or tile to match your current roof type. This gives much better protection from the elements and really starts to transform a simple deck to an outdoor living area, as you can use it in all weather conditions. The underside of the roof area can also be clad, giving a real sense of elegance to the outdoor entertaining area, especially with a large fan and down-lights added to finish things off. Last but certainly not least, there are also deck / outdoor entertaining roofing systems that open and close which when open let natural light and sunshine in on those beautiful days we get, or they can be closed in case of rain. This really opens up the best of both worlds in regards to a covered deck / outdoor entertaining area, but can be quite a bit more expensive than a standard roof. It all depends on how often you think you will use your outdoor entertaining area.
  3. Outdoor KitchensIt is no surprise that outdoor kitchens are on-trend. Outdoor kitchens can add a lot of value to your home. Not only are they a second kitchen but they revolutionise the way you use your outdoor area. A barbecue is a great start, but many modern outdoor entertainment areas are now raising the bar and including a fully equipped kitchen and dining areas. Whether you’re sharing a family meal outdoors or really getting into the party spirit with an impromptu neighbourhood gathering, an outdoor kitchen provides a whole new space in which to live, share, and entertain.

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