We do two main types of work with garages and carport renovations that fall into the following categories:

  1. Garage renovations or carport renovations As we have alluded to above, the average block size, and therefore house size has diminished over the years, meaning that one major issue has emerged, and that is storage. On larger blocks, there is the shed out the back with plenty of room for the kids’ bikes, the kayak, the lawnmower, and even the gym set for the energetic! But in modern homes, especially in estates, storage is limited with a lot of outdoor type equipment in the garage. This means if the family has two cars, one is usually out in the sun all day which is not good. A garage or carport renovation often happens with a face-lift or makeover to the front of the home as in most cases, the garage or carport is also at the front, and it makes sense to do them at the same time. Sometimes it is a simple as a new roller door, but in other instances, it is enlarging the garage in whichever direction there is room to move. Another renovation that we carry out is the addition of a lot more storage solutions so that you can store equipment in the garage, but in an organised fashion so you know where everything is, and it is easily accessible as well.
  2. Construction of a new garage or carport Many older style homes in fact do not have any type of garage or carport so we are engaged to build one. In some instances, an old garage or carport that is currently attached to the home is converted into a family or game room, and so we are required to build a new garage or carport in front of that new room. In other cases, a carport or garage was just never considered at the time the home was built, and new owners have taken over and are looking for protection for their vehicles, or storage space as well. In any case, the new garage or carport is designed to work in with the current home in look and feel, and also to blend seamlessly so that you would not know that there was not a garage or carport there in the first place. One big thing to consider, especially with detached garages or carports is how to make sure you can get to the home without having to be in the rain or snow! This often can require additional roofing areas from the garage or carport area to the home but can be designed to match the original home or become a feature of its own.

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