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How to: Create ‘Timeless Kitchen”

If you’ve made the decision to turn your house into your ‘forever home’ by way of remodeling to last a lifetime, here are some great design elements worth considering for a timeless kitchen that you’ll simply love forever!


The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house and one that tends to date quickly (if you’re not in the know)! If you’re planning to stay in the house and love it for a long time to come, your kitchen remodel will need some serious consideration in terms of styling and design. No matter what changes in trends, there are some timeless elements you can incorporate in your kitchen design to keep it living for longer!

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Bench tops – As far as we’re concerned, you can never go wrong with marble! Of all the countertop materials, marble is the most timeless! If you can’t commit to marble, an alternative countertop material for your kitchen remodel might be Macaubas Quartziteor maybe even light soapstone. Our suggestion to you – don’t be too bold and choose dark greens, blues or glossy blacks for your counter tops; your bench top will be a fairly pricy element in your kitchen remodel so you don’t want to be swapping it out anytime soon! Keep in mind, whites and textures always work well together and blend nicely without becoming overbearing.    


Kitchen Flooring– Timber has always had its place in a home. Using rustic wood flooring can add a little charm and intrigue to your home without ever being ‘old fashioned’. For a lovely vintage farmhouse feel, consider dark wood herringbone flooring, or if ‘classic’ is more your thing a smooth light timber may be a better option.  Adding pattern and texture in the flooring means you can keep the rest of your kitchen nice and simple, giving you less chance of ‘out-dating’. If timber flooring is not up your alley, choose a tile that reflects a little nature with its texture and colour. 

Kitchen Colour Scheme – Trends are often drastic, that’s why they noticeably go out of style! So, sticking to neutral colours, some earthy fibres and some classic design elements your kitchen remodel will be the last for a long time!


Kitchen Sinks & Tapware – Country features and styling’s like farmhouse-influenced tapwear & sinks create an effortless feeling of charming nostalgia while remaining current.

Kitchen Cabinets – Shaker cabinets are a great option for your upper cabinets while simple flat panel design will work well for the lower. They are both  ‘current’ and ‘classic’ in style. Choosing this type of simple cabinetry will keep you from falling all the way into the ‘traditional kitchen’ category if something between classic and modern is what you’re looking for. 

Kitchen Splashback – A splashback is your opportunity to add some colour to your timeless kitchen design! Pastel or faded colours can bring some beautifully subtle colour into your kitchen while keeping in suit with the neutral colours scheme. Don’t make it too complicated if you’ve already planned out some feature textures in the space – stick to some simple square (or subway) tiles to enhance the other elements.

Tip 1. Stay Away From Glossy Plastics!There’s really nothing that comes in and out of fashion quite as quickly as gloss finishes. So when it comes to appliances, tap ware, splashback and cabinetry – keep it classy and not flashy! 

Tip 2. Choose a layout that you will love to cook in AND entertain in. Run through all your cooking and entertaining needs and wants and figure out what is going to best suits your habits & lifestyle!

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