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Ali and Phil had a home that required a few improvements to make it fit their lifestyle.
A deck rebuild with a secure path to walk from the car to the house was the first requirement. Ali wanted a zero maintenance deck that would last for many years. It needed to withstand heavy traffic from kids, dogs, the friends that will be dropping by for a casual wine, and the times when a major celebration and party are being held on the deck. It had to be built right!
A dura deck surface was introduced because of its zero maintenance qualities which will provide many years of faultless service to Ali and her family. Our preferred method of fastening the railing to the deck was using a fascia-mounted system so there were no holes put through through the brand new deck surface. The privacy fence was a stock item that was a top mount railing also so to again avoid holes through their new deck surface, custom made fascia-mounted brackets that were supplied and installed just for the privacy fence.
The second item on the To-Do list was a chain-link fence that needed to be designed to keep the huge rescue Rottweiler family pooch securely in the yard. The new fence was designed and built to match the existing black chain link fence across the backyard. A gate was added near the entrance to the driveway with a gate wide enough to fit Ali's double-wide stroller through, no problems.
The final item requiring our attention was the demolition of a shed concrete slab. The concrete pad was super thick and a challenge to get through. A large breaker hammer was to get through which made short work of that task. The area was filled with pea gravel which complimented the existing landscaping.
Ali was very good to work for and it makes us feel good that her experience with Smith & Sons was a very positive one. Thanks, Ali - we appreciate your business!

Ali & Phil

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