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I am very pleased to commend Smith & Sons to your organization. Smith & Sons were recommended to me by a fellow contractor when my current project ( a half million dollar small custom home) had difficulties during my absence. Smith & Sons soon proved their mettle and had the issues expeditiously itemized, organized, and planned to fruition in an efficient, business-like, and economical manner.

Max is a consummate tradesman and project manager with an uncanny attention to
detail who has always met his deliverables within the time and budget agreed upon.
Furthermore, there are no surprises. Smith & Sons has been forthright, honest, and professional in all our dealings.
I have been extremely pleased with Smith & Sons punctuality, honesty, and
workmanship, and will continue to use their services on this and future projects.
As such I have no doubt that your organization would be well served to engage Smith & Son on any project.

- H. Roy Stephens, President Stephens Consulting.

Roy Stephens

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