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5 Remodeling Rules You Should Never Break

Home remodeling is not always a smooth & easy process, so it always helps to have a little extra info from the professionals to help you start well!

So, what are the 5 Remodel Rules You Should Never Break?

·      Plan Ahead

Don’t start with delays! Unless you’ve hired seasoned remodel professionals like Smith & Sons who project manage everything for you, it's likely you'll find yourself having hold-ups in various stages of your remodel, so it’s best to get started as soon as you can to keep to your desired completion date. You’ll need to realistically consider the potential time it may take to obtain proper permits and hire good contractors (who are often booked months in advance!).  So, when it comes to beginning your remodel – there is simply no time like the present!

·      Have a Handle on the Project

Know your plans like the back of your hand! Before your project begins, know exactly what you want done. Decide what is a must and what is a maybe so you can decide what things you want to put your budget towards when talking to your contractor. Knowing your project ensures that when you talk to your contractors, the proper amount of work involved can be explained to you, before signing the contract (and it’ll avoid any last minute construction changes that could cause the price to shoot up!).

·      Get Professional Help

There are a number of elements in a remodel project that can be not only tricky, but also dangerous to complete yourself. While doing your own remodel can seem cost-effective in the beginning, without the expertise of a remodel professional, you can find yourself in some very costly hot water – we see it time and again! So, be sure to hire the proper professionals to help with your remodel. When finding the best builders for the job, don’t be shy! Ask as many questions as you can think of, check out in-progress construction and ask for recent references. It certainly won’t hurt to go one step further and give these references a phone call to find out how they felt while working with the contractors – feeling comfortable with a contractor in your home is almost as important as the work he’s doing! 

·      Deal with Deposits

Don’t sign the contract before working out a payment plan with your contractor and putting down a deposit. Remember, the deposit is just a sum to get the project underway – you don’t need to be fronting the majority of the cost on the day you sign. Make sure the deposit is a sum you’re comfortable with for starting the remodel, and if you’re questioning it – talk to friends who’ve remodeled before to help gauge if it’s an appropriate amount or consult an authority in the building industry. 

·      Ask About Unforeseen Problems

Be realistic about the idea of unforeseen expenses cropping up; once your remodel starts, demolition can bring to light issues that were underlying – anything from faulty electrical work to poor construction (especially if the house has had work done previously by a non-professional) can affect your remodel and budget. In the scenario that extra work needs to be carried out, it’s important to ask now how many added costs will be handled by your contractor and what types of costs you may need to cover in the remodel. 


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